Flourish in Faith: The Heart of Forgiveness

Flourish in Faith: The Heart of Forgiveness

‘Does God forgive everyone?’

‘That person doesn’t deserve forgiveness.’

‘I don’t want to forgive them! They’ve hurt me too much.’

‘God would never forgive me. I’m too far gone.’

If you’ve ever thought any of these things, then this event is for you! We live in a broken world where we do things we regret, people hurt each other, and relationships break down. Forgiving others, or even ourselves, can be really hard and may even seem impossible.

Our final Flourish in Faith women’s afternoon for 2020 is on Saturday 31st October at 2pm, and is titled ‘The Heart of Forgiveness’. We will be looking at a story Jesus told about forgiveness, and what it means for us. As usual, it will be a chance to meet and connect with other women, hear part of the Bible read and explained (our Women’s Pastor, Kate Kristensen, will give a short talk), and enjoy some fun and food together. This event is open to all women, from senior high up, whether they are members of MCC or not. It’s a great opportunity for you to invite friends along who may be interested in hearing what Jesus taught about forgiveness.

We will be meeting in person at MCC, with an option for you to join us on Zoom if you are uncomfortable meeting in person given the current pandemic. RSVP is essential by Tuesday 27th October, via this link: Flourish RSVP Form.

We hope to see you there!

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