Our Vision

We seek to be a church where the love of Jesus overflows through our church to the wider community.

Because of who Jesus is and what he has done by dying on the cross and rising again, we want to see all people come to hear of the great love that Jesus has for them. Our vision is to be a church at which all people, no matter where they are at with Jesus and church, can come and be welcomed and hear about Jesus in a clear, joyous and hope-filled way. We seek to proclaim Jesus in such a way that, whether you are someone who has never opened a Bible or you are a professor at a Theological College, you will hear the grace, hope and joy that Jesus brings to impact your everyday life. We want to be a church where it is obvious that Jesus has changed us and through us, will change Sydney.

Our History

Marsfield Community church began in 1933 when Christians from the area came together to start Marsfield mission which was later renamed Marsfield Community Church. The church building and the manse were built by members of the church, who donated their money and time to build the premises we now enjoy. Through the years we have been blessed by many pastors who have done great work for God here, and we have seen God do  great things in and through us.

Our church has always sought to proclaim the love and grace of Jesus to the wider community. As Marsfield has changed from a farming community to a thriving suburb, boasting one of the world’s greatest universities only a stone’s throw away, our methods for sharing Jesus have changed but our message hasn’t.

We are seeking to write the next chapter of our book. We hope it is one where God does more amazing things in and through our church. Do you want to join us and help God write this next chapter?

Our People

Our people come from all around the world and inhabit all walks of life. At Marsfield Community Church you will meet people from every...


Our Beliefs

Our church is an evangelical church. That means we are ‘all in’ on Jesus: we believe that he is the God who became a man, lived…


New Here?

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